Los Lobos at the Twisted Fork's Back Porch

Los Lobos – February 11, 2022 at Twisted Fork’s Back Porch

For all the trailblazing musical acts who’ve emerged from Los Angeles, very few embody the city’s wildly eclectic spirit more wholeheartedly than Los Lobos. Over the last five decades, the East L.A.-bred band has made an indelible mark on music…


The Ben Allen Band – September 3, 2021 at Twisted Fork’s Back Porch

The Ben Allen Band has quickly become THE go to country act in Southwest Florida! Founded on a devotion to high quality, the Ben Allen Band performs a mix of current country music right off the radio. Ben Allen Band…


Comedy Night on the Porch

Come on out on Wednesday, May 5th for some real comedy. We could all use some laughs and we’re bringing them. Bert’s Back Porch at the Twisted Fork is ready for you. Be there. Get your laugh on at the…


Blackberry Smoke Tickets ON SALE

We are excited to have Blackberry Smoke coming to the Back Porch. April 29th is the BIG DAY! Starting at 6pm, it will be a Sold Out event. No question. Tickets are going fast, so get yours now. Click on…


Come to the Fork to Support a Local Family & Hear Some of the Best Music in Port Charlotte at the Back Porch

Bert’s Back Porch will be sounding off with a Benefit Concert supporting 13-year-old Justin Alexatos. Brake Fail will start it off at 4pm followed by Bandana at 6pm to benefit Justin. This event is Sponsored by When All Else Fails….

Twisted Fork Port Charlotte Florida Events - UFC Fighting

The Fights at The Fork

Come on out to watch the fights. Saturday, March 6th will be a big night for the UFC. We have all the action. Come on out.

Berts Back Porch-Blackberry Smoke Announce

Come to the Fork for Blackberry Smoke on the Back Porch

Bert’s Back Porch will be sounding off with Blackberry Smoke coming to town in April. This is a big deal and it’s all at The Twisted Fork, Port Charlotte’s best location for events.   TICKETS AVAILABLE SOON. CHECK BACK OFTEN…


Come to the Fork for the Fight

You must come by for the fight on the 23rd of January. We’ll have it on all the big screens TVs we have set up. Port Charlotte’s best location for viewing.


The Straight Scoop on The Twisted Fork

Straight scoop on The Twisted Fork The sun glints off a red 1932 GMC Confederate produce truck perched on the canopy. Inside, it’s a biker’s Disneyland. Not just bikers, but anybody between the ages of 7 and 75 will gawk…



It’s finally HERE…the Grand Opening of THE TWISTED FORK! The wait is over. You’ve been ready for this and now it’s here. Come by Labor Day Weekend with our EXTENDED Store Hours so everyone has a chance at enjoying the…

The Back Porch

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